Words of a tether: the tie that binds, or marriage by any other name

My friend Steph says that if you haven’t put a ring on her finger, you don’t get to call her your wife. I get that. I agree with her. Now that marriage has arrived in my neighborhood, most of the well-worn excuses for not marrying your girlfriend (squeeze, babe, fiancée, fill in the blank) have disappeared here […]

Lesbian dress-for-success: what does your look say about you?

As I do often, today I have been pondering the butch-femme continuum: it’s one of my favorite  conversations. This dialog is unending because the nuances are as varied as the women who wear the clothes…or lipstick, or chains, or boots, or tee-shirts, or fill-in-the-blank. We know the stereotypes: High Femme, Stone Butch, Androgynous, Mother-Earth, and […]