…and other deceptions.

Welcome! I'm glad you're here.

Do you remember the first time you felt something?

Something that tickled, tingled somewhere low and deep in your gut? You didn’t know it was sexual because you didn’t necessarily know about sex. But it felt…disruptive. For me, it happened when I was looking at a woman. It felt secret.

This site is about secrets, but not just any secret. I want to talk about our hidden sexualities as women: the secret lives we live now, have lived in the past, or know because we see it all around us.

What are our hidden desires? What is the life we live inside our heads - under the radar, out of sight? Maybe you live out in the open now, but once upon a time you hid who you were, what you wanted, what you did. Whatever else your daily reality may be, your sexuality isn’t what it appears to be.

Is this you?

Maybe you pass as a straight woman, and don’t correct anyone’s perception of you. Maybe you are living life as a lesbian, in a relationship. It feels safe, but you wonder if maybe it’s time to look for a man. Maybe you have a girlfriend, maybe you want one. You tell me.

I know you're out there.